It may be of no fault of anyone. Job loss, illness or a series of bad luck is all it takes to get behind on bills and monthly obligations. It seems as soon as debt starts to accumulate, it continues to grow and grow until it takes on a life of its own. Late charges begin to add up, credit cards increase their interest rate due to late payments, bounced checks at the bank incur an additional charge that the already cash-strapped account holder can’t afford to pay.

This series of downward spirals usually leads to collection phone calls, late notices in the mail and even threats of lawsuits, vehicle repossession or home foreclosure. When it seems there is no way out of the overwhelming debt, speaking to an law firm that handles bankruptcy in Springfield Missouri, such as John Henderson Law, may give the debtor some necessary relief.


Though it is possible for the debtor to file for bankruptcy on their own, it’s usually not recommended. Documents that must be filed for bankruptcy are many. If only one document is forgotten or filled out incorrectly it can delay the entire case. From creditors that challenge a discharge to important vehicle exemptions, there can be unexpected twists and turns throughout the entire process. To a layman trying to maneuver through this complex maze, it can prove quite challenging and issues can arise, possibly even causing the petition to be dismissed. None of these challenges will prove to be too much for an attorney that deals with these issues on a daily basis. They know the road from start to finish, as they work with the challenges every day.

Because a bankruptcy attorney is skilled in handling these cases, they will ensure as many assets as possible are protected during the Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will handle creditor objections and court motions in a timely manner, something that may be challenging for one filing on their own, without experience. Most attorneys are also available post-bankruptcy if situations arise relating to the case or discharge. Bankruptcy can be a difficult time for anyone. Make it as simple as possible by speaking with a bankruptcy attorney.